Production of slivered parts

Production of parts

Making highly accurate unique parts according to a given drawn documentation or to a modell, even with measurement protocol. Small, medium and big series producement, according to your needs. Our up-to-date CNC working-center is managed by highly skilled , and experienced colleagues, which is the precondition to providing qualitativ parts according to the documentations.  

Machine park

The HAAS UMC-750 machine is a five-axled universal working center.

The movement range of the axes in the X-Y-Z directions are 762-559-508 mm, te machine has a two-axled rotary table and a spindle with a low tempreture- deformation(12.000 turn/minutes) The tables ability to rotate at 360°, and its ability to being able to tilt from +35° to -110° give us freedom of using tools in more ways and product capacity. 


Sizes (width x depth x height) 3690 x 2520 x 2295mm

Complete weight(without dielectronic): 4400kg X, Y, Z Travels: 318 x 218 x 114 mm

Movement mesurement system: linear glass measuring lath X, Y, Z measurement resolution:0,0001 mm U, V movement: ± 48mm cone angle / height: ± 30 ° / 65 degree/ mm

Crashing Protection: U, V, Z

Container sizes(width x depth x height)990 x 505 x 260 mm

Max. workpiece height: 260mmMax. workpiece weight: 500kg

The HAAS SUPER MINIMILL is three-axled working center. The movement range of the axes to X-Y-Z directions are 306-404-300mm


2-axled universal turning CNC controlled SlimLinePanel, hydraulically moveable tailstock

12 positioned turret(servo) 30, Sauter 6 with curved toolplacement (clutch DIN 5480)

Gathering unit, with let through opportunity

Max. rod let through:          Ø 51 mm

hydraulic 3-faced chuck: 210mm

let thorugh bore                   Ø 52 mm

Curved tool turning working range:

Max.occuing diameter above the "bed": 330mm                  

occuring diameter above the X sleigh: 260mm                

Max. turning diameter                      200mm

Chuck diameter :                 210mm

Movement way X-axis :                   160mm

Movement way Z-axis :        450mm