Metal structures and locksmith industrial services

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Production of metal structure

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We can provide that the welded structures made by us has the right measurements with the help of our special composer table, even with a measurement protocol. It also helps at making the templates, so we can provide a better price for our costumers. Our company undertake welding even in large quantities. Besides the serial welding , we also deal with unique products. Thanks to our workshop's facilities we can weld stainless steel and aluminium.





  • workshop area 600m2  
  • Maximal welding size: 2m x 4m x 10mAcélszerkezet gyártás1
  • Machine park
    • 3.2 ton forklift with lifting capacity
    • Composer table with max. size of (2500mm x 3000 mm) or (4000mm x 1500mm)
    • Flame and plasma cutting
    • CO Welding
    • Welding with protection gas
    • Automatic cutting with dispenser saw
    • dispenseable size:( 320mm x 250mm )