• The beneficiary’s name: IPLA Kft.
  • A projekt címe: The name of the project: The expansion of the production’s capacity at IPLA Kft.
  • The contracted support’s price: 89 280 549 Ft
  • The scale of the support: 50%
  • The description of the project: Our company has been aiming to develop the technology of the production for years, thereby extend the spectrum of the products made by the company.

The purpose of the description is to  obtain too          ls for the producement  of metal building panels. Our aim is embedding newer techology and producement methods in the process, by which the loss of the time lessen profoundly and the complex compliteness of tasks come about flawlessly and effectively. In the project, we obtained a universal machining center, a metalworking EDM, and a 3D scanner.

As a result of the investment the capacity of the production will extend, the process of working will be faster, which can satisfy a higher quantity in the need of the costumers, and finally rise the  price income and let us keep the jobs.

The date of the completion of the project: 2016.12.31

  • The project’s identitication number: GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00158